Track Days The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

Now that we are parents we tend to overlook ourselves when it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts. The wants and needs of our children come before our own. We also like to spend our spare money on getting out and about as a family. Any items we want we tend to buy as and when we need them. Big purchases that might have been on a Christmas wish list are now discussed and purchased if required. Instead of things we now really appreciate experiences we can do to remember that we are more than parents. For me this could come in the form of a trip to the cinema or even a spa day. What treat can we give the man in our life? The person who says he has everything and doesn’t need a thing. How do we let them have a break from the responsibility of parenthood for a few hours? A Track Day experience has been suggested to me so I decided to look into this option more.

track days perfect gift man who has everything

Track Day Experience Options

There are many different venues across the UK where you can experience a track day. These venues include the London and Silverstone Rally Schools. There are also different experiences depending on what you would like to do. Below is a small example of the many available options

Passenger Rides – A professional will drive you around your chosen circuit. This is the perfect option for a non-licence holder. You still get the chance to experience the speed of the car without the pressure of driving.

Supercar Driving – There are many different car choices available for a track day experience. Imagine getting the chance to drive the car of your dreams? I know a Ferrari would be on Darren’s list! There really is an option for everyone.

Formula 1 Racing – Formula 1 racing is a very popular sport. I sure many of us would like the chance to recreate this very fast and exciting sport. This experience would allow you to drive your very own Formula 1 racing car.

Did you know that you could drive your own car at a track day experience?

As well as a track day experience you can always drive your own car at a car track day event. This means you could be putting your car to the test in Brands Hatch, Silverstone or even Donington Park.

As exciting it would be to drive your own car at top speeds you would need to prepare your car for a track day event. Your own car would need to have a proper service before your track day. You would also need to make sure your car contains a fire extinguisher in-case of an emergency. The cars tyres would also have to be checked for wear and tear. It is even advisable to buy tyres for your car that would just be used on track days. Having tyres that are safe to use are very important for your own safety on track days.

There really are so many options to think about when giving the gift of a track day. Personally I would love to experience a passenger ride. I don’t think I would be very confident driving around a circuit myself. This wouldn’t be an issue for Darren. This really would be the perfect gift for Darren a true escapism from being a dad for a few short hours. Perhaps I should treat him for this experience to mark our ten year anniversary?

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Track Days.

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