Little E Saying Goodbye To Nursery

In July it was time for Little E say goodbye to nursery. A place that has been in her life for two years. A place were over the last terms she really started to find her feet and make lots of lovely friendships. It was a sad time as we had to tell her that all of her friends will be moving on to different schools but we promised she will make new friends too.

little e saying goodbye to nursery

I did wonder how Little E would react to having to say goodbye but she took it all in her stride. I think this was partly because we have talked about her going to big school for quite a while now. We were also so busy during those last weeks of nursery with school visits, sports days, end of term plays and celebrating turning four that it just felt like natural progression.

Little E really loved her nursery and made so much progress during her time there. When she started we were worried about her development as she had very little speech. She leaves nursery and her key-workers have no concerns at all. She will always be one of the youngest in the year but she is very ready to learn new things.

At nursery Little E got the chance to experience not one but two Christmas plays. She loved creating art and crafts. She also got the chance to take part in two world book days, choosing to be Tinkerbell both times.

It was strange saying goodbye to nursery as Little E’s nursery will be in our lives for a few more years to come yet. Ethan attends the after school programme they run there. I think he will still be able to attend until he is sixteen years of age. So we have a few more years left.

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  1. Your girl is growing up so fast…I swear it was only a few months ago that you said you were pregnant. hehehe
    It sounds like she did so well saying goodbye to the nursery and is ready to move on x

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