My First Pegboard Set – Ethan’s Homework

Our family support key worker left us the pegboard set to use until she next visited. Ethan really enjoyed playing this game, in-fact I don’t think I can remember him getting so excited about something that didn’t have flashing lights, buttons to press or play music. We had to hide the box from him as he kept taking us to it to play the game and every time he saw the box he got very excited, we got flapping and everything!

We also really enjoyed playing this game with him as he engaged with it so much, in-turn he engaged with us to the point that we got him saying some of the colours. We have also discovered that his favourite colour is yellow, closely followed by green!

The game is very simple Ethan just had to put the pegs in the board, we did try to get him to pick the correct colours by giving him two boards but he wasn’t quite ready for that yet. 



I have looked into buying this game for Ethan as we all enjoyed it but for a toy which is very simple it has an expensive price of £40, perhaps Ethan can put it on his Christmas list!
I’m linking this post with Magic Moments as it really is a magical sound when Ethan says ‘yellow’!

5 thoughts on “My First Pegboard Set – Ethan’s Homework”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We have to keep in fun and on his terms otherwise we loose him but I think that is just a man thing lol

    1. Absolutely wonderful :). I don’t blame him for linking yellow best – its one of my favourites too. Thank you for linking to Magic Moments xx

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