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Our Siblings During December 2020

After a quiet November for our siblings, we ventured out a bit more in December 2020. Making sure we stayed local to celebrate Christmas.

ethan little e snowy garden

Our December started with an unexpected snowy walk to school. There hadn’t been any predictions on the weather about snow. When Darren left for work at 5 am he declared it was snowing. The children were so excited, I found myself hoping that it would stay as snow for the school run. My phone was showing that it would be rain by then. Thankfully it stayed as snow. I was soaked when I got home and it took me all day to warm up again. But it worth it for the children’s excitement.

ethan little e posting letter to santa

This was the first year the children wrote letters to Santa and we sent them via Rail Mail. I was a little worried their replies wouldn’t arrive before Christmas because of the amount of post the post office was dealing with. Thankfully they came through on Christmas Eve.

ethan little e colchester zoo christmas tree

Colchester Zoo decided to cancel its main Christmas events this year. They did however have their Merry and Bright Trail as well as a few other activities. I was able to book us a pass holder space on the first day of their Christmas events.

ethan little e enchanted woodland colchester zoo

Father and Mother Christmas were walking around the zoo to say hello to the visitors as the grotto was closed. What was really nice is they remembered the children from previous Christmas events we have visited. Mother Christmas also noticed how much Ethan has grown this year!

ethan little e talking father christmas mother christmas colchester zoo

I booked a Santa experience at Marks Hall Estate as a backup if Lapland UK didn’t go ahead. We cancelled Lapland UK as I didn’t feel comfortable with how far we would have to travel to it. The same week Marks Hall Estate had to cancel their Santa experience. This was due to some of the staff members having to self isolate. Little E has always said at Christmas you are meant to ice skate. I was lucky enough to book us a time to ice skate at Colchester Firstsite. Both children were really good at ice skating. I on the other hand have lost all of my ice skating abilities over the years!

little e ice skating firstsite colchester
ethan ice skating firstsite colchester

When we were in town we took advantage of the Santa’s grotto at the Lion Walk Shopping Centre being quiet. Stopping to say hello to Santa as we knew the government were reviewing the tiers the week after. Hoping for the children to get the chance to meet one Santa this year if at all possible.

ethan little e santa santas grotto lion walk shopping centre

We also stopped at Culver Square to see the pink castle they had placed there for Christmas. We weren’t going to get the chance to visit Disneyland Paris this year for Christmas. The children thought it was very pretty.

ethan little e pink castle culver square December 2020

There was one non-Christmas related event for our siblings this December 2020. They had a dentist appointment. This is a big thing for Ethan as he is very sensory about his mouth and teeth. It has taken a long time to even get him near a dentist chair. But with Little E’s help, the dentist got a very quick look at Ethan’s teeth.

ethan dentist check up little e supporting December 2020

Christmas lights are so important to Ethan. They are a visual to show him that Christmas is coming. I was able to book us a local Illuminated Garden Trail at Helmingham Hall for the start of the Christmas holidays. It was beautiful and I’m so glad we were able to visit.

ethan little e light tunnel helmingham hall gardens December 2020

We were also still able to visit the backup, backup Santa’s Grotto that I booked. The children were able to visit Santa at Fenwick Colchester. This was a lovely experience and the children got the chance to create a Christmas plate for Santa.

ethan little e meeting santa santas grotto fenwick December 2020

Seeing our siblings get excited with their Christmas Eve preparations was amazing. We have never known them to both be so excited. December 2020 might have been different this year. Staying local with social distancing but I think our siblings had a lovely run-up to Christmas this month.

ethan little e wheres santa map preparing for santas visit December 2020

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