ethan little e setting up ipad

Our Siblings During November 2021

With Ethan being positive with covid November 2021 started quietly for our siblings. Ethan couldn’t leave the house for the first week of November. Thankfully our friend was able to take Little E into school for us. November 2021 did improve for our siblings and we actually got to take them on a few adventures.

ethan little e two brown alpacas

On our first weekend out of the house, we took our siblings on an alpaca trek. It is a new experience available in Chelmsford and we knew the children would love it as they loved walking the alpacas during our stay at Sandy Balls. I have a feeling we will be visiting again in the future.

ethan little e setting up ipad

It did feel like our siblings were very close in November. Little E would set Ethan up on games on his iPad before she left for school. They would also play a game on there together when she was at home.

ethan little e wearing pudsey ears children in need

For the first time, they could also celebrate Children in Need together. This year was the first year that Little E’s school really took part in raising money for Children in Need. I do feel this is partly because her school got the chance to be on TV showing off their fundraising efforts. It will be interesting to see if they will take part in raising money next time.

ethan little e racing car silverstone lap of lights November 2021

Our siblings also started celebrating Christmas at the end of November. We were given an invitation to visit the Silverstone Lap of Lights. It was a great evening out and the children were able to ice skate as well as see the Christmas lights.

ethan little e ski lift lodge silverstone November 2021

November 2021 did come with its highs and lows for our siblings. It feels like Ethan wasn’t too poorly with covid but he did have a random swollen cheek during his infection. I was expecting us all to get ill with covid but we somehow missed it this time around. It was nice to end the month of November on a high.

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