Project 365 2015 Week 47 – 49 Days 319-339

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 319

Not the most flattering photo of Little E! Her hair is getting so long and I’m desperate not to cut a fringe in, this is how we kept it out of her eyes today.


Day 320

I think she was calling Nanny.


Day 321

We got the proof of Ethan’s first ever school photo today.


Day 322

We received a bundle of Christmas books to review today.


Day 323

Little E is always interested in what Ethan is doing on his iPad.


Day 324

After a busy few days I finally got the chance to do my online food shop.


Day 325

We played with the Duplo this morning and I built Ethan a house. He put one person in the bed and the other on the chair. His small world play is slowly coming along.


Day 326

I treated myself to a planner, I’m hoping it will help me out next year to be more organized.


Day 327

Little E wasn’t that impressed with the Waybuloo character.


Day 328

We took Little E to a garden centre to look at their Christmas decorations. She thought the snow globe was a bubble.


Day 329

We escaped to the cinema today to see the latest Hunger Games movie.


Day 330

Little E has taken to pushing this part of the train around.


Day 331

I went out with Little E today and we met a friend for a girly lunch.


Day 332

Ethan has been ‘reading’ a Christmas book, he read ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ without any help from me.


Day 333

Nanny brought another treat for Ethan, this time a chocolate gruffalo.


Day 334

Christmas jumpers for us all, we are ready for Christmas now!


Day 335

We visited Lapland UK today and had a fantastic meeting with Father Christmas.


Day 336

We spent the night away from home so our Elf on the Shelf Ralph couldn’t find us. Thankfully we had an elf from Lapland UK that could report to Ralph.


Day 337

Little E is really getting the hang of using a spoon.


Day 338

A poorly Ethan meant a sofa day for us, we took some selfies to pass some time.


Day 339

A teapot and a tunnel, a perfect combination for Saturday fun!

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