darren ethan swimming lesson

Project 365 2021 Week 17 Day’s 114-120

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 17. For some reason, it feels like this week has gone quite quickly. Which is a good thing as we now have a three-day weekend to enjoy. This week I have also had to start thinking about Ethan’s birthday and buying his presents. This also meant we had an influx of boxes arriving at the house.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 17

Day 114

darren ethan swimming lesson

Another Saturday night at swimming for Ethan. He is really glad to be back and we are glad that he has the chance to burn off some of his extra energy.

Day 115

little e nanny planting seeds flowers

Nanny came round to visit our garden. Little E has always been interested in flowers and Ellie’s schoolwork is helping her embrace it more at the moment. Nanny brought Little E new plants and seeds so they could refresh the garden pots they made a few years ago.

Day 116

darren little e swimming lesson

Monday is Little E’s turn for swimming lessons. Darren takes her swimming whilst I work. He always took Ethan as I was always terrified watching Ethan in the pool when he was little and learning to swim without us.

Day 117

jane doctor giving second covid vaccine

I had an appointment for my second Covid vaccine today. The only time I could go was after the school run. The doctor told Little E to take a photo on my phone. She is very proud of this photo.

Day 118

growing caterpillars 2021 Week 17

I can’t believe how big the caterpillars are. I didn’t know that caterpillars could make so much mess as they grow.

Day 119

caterpillar turning into chrysalis 2021 Week 17

One caterpillar started to make his chrysalis before we went to bed. I found this amazing to watch as I didn’t know how it was done. By the morning his chrysalis was complete.

Day 120

ethan holding star of the week award 2021 Week 17

Ethan got a Star of the Week award. He was very proud of his certificate and carried it all the way home. He had told me earlier in the week that he went to a playground. Then when he was telling Darren he mentioned a different area. We worked out that that playground had been closed so they had to go to the playground that he had told me about. We joked about what an interesting journey that must have been with a group of children who don’t like change. Knowing how bad Ethan reacts if we have to quickly change plans. His award was for coping so well with the change so we know he must have done very well on that journey.

That was our 2021 Week 17 adventure. You can read about our week 16 here.

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