ethan little e looking out disney magic window southampton project 365 2021

Project 365 2021 Week 31, 32, 33 & 34 Day’s 212-239

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 31, 32, 33 and 34. I always find August the hardest month without the school routine for Ethan. This is also the first summer I am working full time and I have really been feeling the juggle. Thankfully we have had some help entertaining the children. Ethan has struggled they didn’t put any respite on at school and it has really shown this year how much he needs it. We have been non-stop keeping the children busy at the weekends and this past week has been magical. We have been on a Disney Magic at Sea seacation.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 31, 32, 33 & 34

Day 212 – Week 31

little e big sparkler birthday cake ethan watching

Today was Little E’s rescheduled birthday afternoon tea with the grandparents. We ordered some sandwiches from Sainsbury’s and Little E picked this amazing cake too. I got her a sparkler candle to put on the top of it. It was a hit with both children.

Day 213

little e ethan walking linked arms highwoods county park

We made arrangements to meet up with one of Ethan’s school friends at our local country park. I had to capture this moment as I love it when our children hold hands or link arms. I would say it is Little E that does it but Ethan always accepts her hands.

Day 214

darren little e ethan cycle helmets

Monday and Darren’s day off so he took the children for a bike ride whilst I worked.

Day 215

disney magic deck 1 plan

Our cabin was assigned today for the Disney Magic Seacation. We had booked a Deck 1 but left it to Disney to pick our cabin. We were given room 1044. It will have two small portholes. We stayed on deck 2 before with a large porthole. I was happy with the cabin selection as the bed will be facing the way the ship sails. That helps with my seasickness.

Day 216

ethan eating breakfast front room

Little E stayed overnight at Nanny’s. Ethan wouldn’t eat his breakfast in the kitchen without his sister so had it in the front room. It was a bit of a battle to get him to eat. This always happens when he is out of routine during the holidays. I didn’t know how much Ethan needed his sister now to complete his everyday tasks.

Day 217

ethan cuddling little

Ethan was glad to have his sister back today and gave her cuddles as soon as she came home.

Day 218

happy ethan caravan

I booked us a little staycation with Essex Council’s Disability Service. It is something we haven’t done before but I thought it would be a good year to try. We had a weekend break in their caravan at Valley Farm Holiday Park Clacton-on-Sea. We couldn’t leave until Darren had come some from work and Ethna found this waiting hard. But we had one very happy boy when we finally arrived at the caravan in the evening.

Day 219 – Week 32

ethan little e outside swimming pool valley farm holiday park

My main reason for booking the mini staycation was to give the children swimming time over the summer. They love water and swimming. We went to the later swimming session today but the indoor pool had reached capacity. To avoid any meltdowns we asked about the outdoor pool. It was cold and slightly raining but the children got in and loved every minute. We weren’t brave enough and cheered from the side.

Day 220

ethan playing penny machine valley farm holiday park

Ethan has always loved the flashing lights in arcades but now he wants to play the games. Nanny gave him her copper collection so that he could play the penny machines.

Day 221

little e holding shell clacton-on-sea

We were meant to review some of the new experiences at Clacton Pavilion today but the weather was horrible. There was rain, thunder and lightning. Thankfully the guy was great and we rearranged for Sunday which was our summer holiday beach hut day. We did have to visit the beach as Ethan was expecting to see the sea. Little E is always in her element at the sea looking for different shells.

Day 222

newly open sunflower

My friend gave us some sunflowers to plant in our garden. The first one opened today. This is officially the first plant we have planted in our garden and our first ever sunflower.

Day 223

work notes

It was a busy workday for me today. The only photo I took today was of my work notes.

Day 224

cat picture placemat

I have wanted new placemats for a while but just haven’t got round to think about finding some new ones. My mum took Little E shopping and they came home with these. My mum obviously read my mind.

Day 225

little es negative lateral flow test

Little E is the only one of us that has really been out and about this week. We tested her with a lateral flow test to make sure she was still covid free.

Day 226- Week 33


A sunflower update today. I’m very proud of how we have been able to keep it alive!

Day 227

little e resting turtle clacton pavilion water park

We finally got to visit the Clacton Pavilion today and had amazing weather for it. Our day started at the Clacton Pavilion Water Park before taking a spin on Clacton’s 150th Anniversary Wheel. We then spent the day at the beach hut we hired before going back to the Clacton Pavilion so that the children could go on some of the rides there.

Day 228

very tired ethan playing animal crossing

Ethan spent the night at nanny’s but he had a terrible nights sleep. A mix of no school routine and possible excitement for our upcoming trip. No matter how tired Ethan is his body still can’t give up to sleep.

Day 229

negative lateral flow tests

Tomorrow morning before Darren leaves for work the children have to take official PCR tests. This is part of Disney Cruise Line’s boarding process. We all took lateral flow tests tonight to make sure we were still covid free.

Day 230

ethan sharing cuddle sofa jane

Ethan has been stuck to my side for most of this holiday. We have a very intense relationship and sometimes I can find it hard. But I think he needed me more today after taking the official PCR tests.

Day 231

harry potter leggings marks and spencers project 365 2021 Week 31

I can’t keep up with how quickly Little E is growing at the minute. It feels like she always needs new clothes. I spotted these Harry Potter leggings on Marks and Spencers and they arrived today.

Day 232

second sunflower opening project 365 2021 Week 31

Our second sunflower has started to open.

Day 233 – Week 34

pizza hut delivery box project 365 2021 Week 31

It was a busy day of haircuts today as well as packing. This resulted in a Pizza Hut delivery for dinner which I was trying to avoid but it was the easiest option.

Day 234

packed mickey ears collection project 365 2021 Week 31

We had to finish off our packing before heading to Southampton and our overnight stay at the Premier Inn. All Mickey Ears were present and correct.

Day 235

ethan little e looking out disney magic window southampton project 365 2021 Week 31

We are on the Disney Magic! Now I can relax. It was a nerve-wracking day waiting for the test results at the port but the children were both amazing. There is no sail away parties on the Disney Magic At Sea cruises. Lucky we had been allocated a table at dinner that was next to a window. The children were able to watch the Disney Magic leave Southampton.

Day 236

rainforest room senses spa disney magic project 365 2021 Week 31

Whilst the children were in the kids club we booked some time in the rainforest room. Because of social distancing, only your party is allowed to enter this room at one time. Slots are bookable for 45 minutes and it was roughly $30 per person. It was nice and quiet here and lovely to spend time in the different saunas. I made Darren try all the showers. He made a very strange noise when the cold water hit him!

Day 237

ethan little e black widow project 365 2021 Week 31

Can you believe that on a Disney Cruise we didn’t get the chance to meet that many characters? We were too busy doing other things. We did get to meet the Black Widow which I think is the first time we have met her.

Day 238

little e complete bibbidi bobbidi boutique make over disney magic stairs project 365 2021 Week 31

Little E asked for a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique make-over. To be honest I did think she would want to skip it this time. Thankfully I was able to get her an appointment as they were very hard to come by. There were rules we had to follow but it was still a very enjoyable experience. She went for the t-shirt option which I was glad about. Not because it was the cheapest option but so that she could wear the t-shirt whenever she wants. The princess dresses she only really wears once.

Day 239

where we sailed disney magic seacation project 2021 Week 31

It was time to leave the Disney Magic you leave as soon as you have had your breakfast. I took a photo of where the ship sailed to as this was the question I was asked the most. Where does the ship sail to?

That was our 2021 Week 31, 32, 33 and 34 adventures. You can read about our weeks 29 and 30 here.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 31, 32, 33 & 34 Day’s 212-239”

  1. Sounds like a fun and amazing few weeks, esp the Disney cruise, I did wonder where they travelled to and lovely you and Darren had some time with the saunas and showers. Love the sunflower, I didn’t manage to get any this year.

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a busy summer. Love Little E’s sparkler cake and the photo of her and Ethan holding hands and the one of them cuddling. Looks like you had a lovely mini staycation at Clacton-on-Sea. Your sunflowers are so pretty. I’ve never had much luck trying to grow them. The Disney Magic cruise sounds amazing. Glad you had such a lovely time. #project365

  3. Looks like it’s been a busy 4 weeeks. I’ve seen lots of people have been on the Disney Magic cruise. Glad you were able to go and enjoy it. Hope getting back to the school routine helps with Ethan.

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