darren back gate pink morning sky

Project 365 2022 Week 2 Day’s 8-14

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 2. This was our first full week of back to school and the afterschool activities starting up again. Little E even started a new dance class. I also had to help my friend out with her school run as she tested positive for covid meaning I’m a close contact again. With the rule changes, I now have to take a lateral flow test daily. Which is what I was basically doing over the Christmas holidays. At times this week has felt a little crazy but we made it through!

Project 365 – 2022 Week 2

Day 8

cat soft toy

I have a new cat friend on the sofa. Santa brought Little E this new cat toy. It has become one of her firm favourites and can always be found in the front room with her.

Day 9

inside car queueing car wash

Darren took Ethan out to pick us up some lunch. He also went to get some petrol taking the car into the car wash. He always sends me a photo when he takes the car into the car wash. I brought him a pressure washer which he should be using instead of taking the car through the automatic washer!

Day 10

darren back gate pink morning sky

It was a beautiful pink sky this morning. I took this photo as Darren was leaving to take the children on the school run.

Day 11

little e wearing pe kit

What a morning! Little E reminded me it was PE day as we were getting in the car. Cue me frantically running around collecting together her PE kit. I got her changed in the back of the car totally forgetting we have child locks on the back of the car. Thankfully our friend was walking past and opened the doors for us.

Day 12

ethan showing australia car sat nav 2022 Week 2

Waiting for Little E’s ballet to end and Ethan was using the car sat nav to show me all the different countries of the world.

Day 13

boris johnson birthday card 2022 Week 2

Time to order my brother a birthday card. Clearly, politics is my theme for him as I picked this card. Last year his card had Professor Chris Whitty on it.

Day 14

ethan cleaning car window 2022 Week 2

Ethan loves watching me scrape the ice off the car windows. He decided he wanted to try this morning. I had already scrapped the ice but he thought it was fun.

That was our 2022 Week 2 adventure. You can read about week 1 here.

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 2 Day’s 8-14”

  1. Very pretty sky in pink! I can see why little E loves the cat toy. The card with Borish is funny, but too kind to him, he even looks prettified. How clever of Ethan to show you the countries.
    It’s very kind of you to help your friend, but having the tests daily is a palaver.

  2. N loves scraping the ice off the car too when he gets out to the car first! Glad you missed Covid, pain having to do all that testing but worth it not having to isolate.

  3. That is a good choice of birthday card. The new cat toy is very cute. I used to love my soft toys when I was younger, I had quite a collection. I have always wanted to sit in a car going through a car wash! We have a pressure washer and my husband does it at home, plus we don’t have a car wash in our area, but one day!

  4. Such fun for E to go to the carwash and so much easier than pressure washing anyway. Oops to the last minute PE kit dash, I remeber those days well. Hope you managed to avoid covid despite the close contact

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