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Project 365 2022 Week 1 Day’s 1-7

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 1. I can’t believe we are now in 2022! Where did 2021 go? We are moving into our third year of living in a pandemic. I was worried that we would catch covid over the Christmas holidays but we somehow missed it. This meant we had a successful holiday break without having to cancel any plans. This week I was expecting school closure announcements as we came to the end of the holiday. Thankfully this didn’t happen even with the rise in covid cases. So our week was all about trying to get back into our routine. As it was only a three day week I think we are still in a bit of a Christmas slump.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 1

Day 1

family selfie wearing cycle helmets

Having the Christmas break off with the kids means I totally lose track of the days. We normally go for a walk at Frinton-on-Sea on New Year’s day but I thought that is what we needed to do on Monday. Today we got the bikes out to go for a quick bike ride instead. We need to raise the seats on both of the children’s bikes as they have both grown so much.

Day 2

ice skaters be our guest dance disney on ice

Today we got to experience some Disney magic. We went to the London 02 arena to watch Disney on Ice Find Your Hero. I did think it would feel strange going now but it felt so good to be watching a Disney on Ice show again.

Day 3

little e ethan chasing monster jam megalodon frinton beach

Time to visit Frinton-on-Sea today. We didn’t walk far as we took the Monster Jam Megalodon remote control car that Ethan got from Santa. It is perfect for the beach and can even drive in the water. The kids love it!

Day 4

tv boris johnson coronavirus downing street briefing

Time for a coronavirus briefing, to be honest, I kept thinking Boris would do one of these after Christmas. We were waiting for him to say the kids couldn’t go back to school tomorrow. He didn’t which we are glad of. But I was expecting some kind of extra restrictions.

Day 5

aladdin stage mercury thratre colchester 2022 Week 1

Ethan got an invite to the relaxed performance of our local pantomime tonight. It was the first time I have taken both children out on my own. I did it, they were both so good for me. I wonder if I will be brave enough to take them somewhere else on my own.

Day 6

car instrument readings 2022 Week 1

It was so cold this morning. The temperate gage actually showed -2 outside Little E’s school.

Day 7

little e good work award january 2022 Week 1

Little E brought home an award from school today. She got a good work award. We are so proud of her.

That was our 2022 Week 1 adventure.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 1 Day’s 1-7”

  1. I was expecting the schools to be closed in January too but it seems we’re just going to have to ride it out.
    I love that photo of you all on New years day and it sounds like you had a great time at Disney on Ice and the panto too. x

  2. What a lovely photo of you all in helmets! Glad you managed to see two shows in one week, and that you were able to manage on your own with children to see Aladdin. Well done to Little E for the school award!
    I don’t watch anything Boris says on TV, he has always been a clown, and I wouldn’t trust a word of what he has to say.
    The beach walk sounds lovely, but I imagine it was cold. 🙂 Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year. It’s quite scary that this is the third year of the pandemic I can still remember sitting on the sofa digesting the fact that we were going into lockdown for the first time. Sounds like you had a lovely week with Disney on Ice a trip to the beach and a pantomime.

  4. How lovely to get to see a Disney on Ice show again. It looks like it was a good one. Glad all went well with taking both children to the pantomime on your own and hope you all enjoyed it. Driving the remote control car on the beach looks like a lot of fun. Well done to Little E on her good work award. #project365

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