Ten Months Old – Standing Up

Last Sunday Little E decided to show her Grandma that she could stand up. Of course we all missed it and she only did it once that day.

It took a few days but when we were out shopping and Nanny and Grandad were looking after Little E she decided to show them her new skill too. Of course we missed it again!

On Saturday she finally decided to show us her new move.


Bank Holiday Monday really saw Little E mastering her new skill and there really is no stopping her now.

Standing_up1 Standing_up2

Our little lady can stand up, I wonder how long we have until she is walking!

Ethan loves Little E’s new move and finds it all very funny, he has even started to copy her standing against the sofa.

3 thoughts on “Ten Months Old – Standing Up”

  1. Awww, she looks so happy to be standing! It must be strange to see familiar things from a whole new perspective.
    Enjoy this in between time before she starts walking!!
    How cute that Ethan is copying her too.

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