The Chocolate Gruffalo

Before Christmas Nana and Pappy had given Ethan a chocolate Gruffalo as a gift, and because of the amount of chocolate Ethan had his hands on this Gruffalo has lived in our fridge. People who know Darren will be amazed at this as chocolate in the fridge does not last long with him around but I made it quite clear the consequences if this was eaten without Ethan!

We decided that today would be Gruffalo day, so he sat on the side adjusting to room temperature. 



We let Ethan examine his treat before we opened the box Darren pounced on the chocolate.










We didn’t let Ethan eat it all, well he wouldn’t stand a chance with Darren in the room, but we all had some and hopefully some has been saved by Darren for tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath!
Thank you very much Nana and Pappy x

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