STARFISH 5 Swimming Certificate

We only have one more week of term at Ethan’s swimming lessons which means after the Easter holidays Ethan will move up into the duckling classes. I’m very excited about this new challenge and already know that Ethan will be able to handle using the different changing rooms as when we had our class the other week our regular changing rooms were out of order so we had to use the leisure pool changing rooms and did so without any dramas. 
This week they handed out the swimming certificates and Ethan was awarded a STARFISH 5. This means we have successfully taken part in the following activities: 
  • Encouraged Ethan to jump into the water from a standing position on the poolside whilst holding his arms/hands.
  • Supported Ethan whilst encouraging him to roll from a back position to a front position. 
  • Encouraged Ethan to make kicking movements with a woggle support. 
  • Encouraged Ethan to submerge in a Duckling Dive. 
  • Swam around the pool with Ethan holding onto my back.
  • Submerged Ethan vertically and rotate 180 degrees in the pool.
  • Support Ethan in a front hold to move forwards and grasp a toy, then enabling him to return with support in a back float position. 

Now I must admit that most of this has only happened since the start of this term as it feels like Ethan has finally clicked with swimming but it’s nice to know that all of our hard work over the past year is starting to pay off.


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