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Taking the Monster Jam Megalodon to the Beach

Ethan never really asks for things for Christmas. So when he does we like to make sure that Santa is aware. In December 2020 I had to make sure that a Hey Duggie request was quickly fulfilled on Christmas Eve. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!* Last Christmas, after a trip to Smyths Toys Superstore, Ethan declared he wanted a Monster Truck remote control car*. He had seen the Monster Jam Grave Digger* and he wanted to add it to his Christmas list. Which at the time only consisted of a Nintendo Switch* and Animal Crossing*.

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Taking the Monster Jam Megalodon to the Beach

The Monster Jam Megalodon Remote Control Car

With this new Monster Truck request, I started to do some research. During our many lockdown walks in Brightlingsea, we saw a little boy driving a remote control car on the sand and into the sea. As Ethan loves visiting the beach and the sea I thought he might get more playtime with a remote control car he can bring to the beach. I discovered that the Monster Truck I was looking for was the Monster Jam Megalodon*.

little e ethan chasing monster jam megalodon frinton beach

Visiting the Beach with a Monster Truck

We always visit Frinton-on-sea for a New Year’s Day Walk. I thought this would be the perfect time for Ethan to put his new Monster Jam Megalodon to the test. The reviews promise that the Monster Truck would be able to drive well on the sand and in the water. I was really hoping it lived up to its expectations.

ethan little e chasing megalodon frinton beach

It turns out the Monster Jam Megalodon is just perfect to drive on the sand. The truck was quick and fast and had no problems. It could also drive into any puddles we found. It also had no problems in the sea. Darren was worried that it might get taken away in the tide but it held its own. It drove in and out of the shallow waves with ease.

monster jam megalodon driving sea

What Did The Children Think?

Our children absolutely loved taking the Monster Truck to the beach. So did Darren who found it hard to hand over the remote control after his initial testing! They chased it along the beach and into the sea. The only downside was the battery run out after about thirty minutes of non-stop racing. The truck has quite a quick charge time so when we visit the beach for the day we will have to take a power bank. The children can’t wait to take the truck to the beach again. They have already told me it is coming with us on our summer beach days.

little e driving megalodon sea

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