Legoland Windsor LEGO City Driving School Support

Whenever we visit Legoland Windsor Ethan points out the Lego City Driving School. I try to distract him and we quickly walk past it. With age Ethan is slowly working out that pushing the pedals will make the cars drive. In 2015 we were able to put Ethan in a car in the driving school for L-Drivers and the staff helped him drive around. He was too old for this attraction but his height made it possible for him to ride.

With the Lego City Driving School there are lots of things for us to consider for Ethan. Firstly it is a bigger track for the cars which includes traffic lights and roundabouts. Secondly the cars have two pedals, one for acceleration and the other to brake. Lastly the queue is normally huge and from what I can work out the children have to go into two holding areas whilst they wait to ride. When we visited on Friday the threat of rain and it being a term day resulted in a very short queue for the cars. I took the chance to see if Ethan could take part in the driving school with support.

Legoland Windsor Lego City Driving School Support

I explained our situation to the member of staff letting the children into the holding area. He was very helpful and said getting Ethan the support he needed wouldn’t be a problem. When it was Ethan’s turn I was asked to walk him over to the garage area of the attraction. There they had a car waiting and a member of staff ready to guide him around the roads.

Legoland Windsor Lego City Driving School

When we watched Ethan drive his car around the LEGO City Driving School I did think that his helper was doing most of the work. Looking back at the photos and video I think Ethan might have been pressing the pedal of the car. He was also holding the steering wheel but did have support for direction.

Legoland Windsor Lego City Driving School

Ethan was so pleased with himself for driving the car. I was so glad that I took the chance to ask if it was possible for him to do so. Ethan did ask to go on the cars again on the Saturday but the wait was too long for him then. I’m so glad that Legoland Windsor are inclusive for all children. With Ethan’s increasing age we really has to assess everything new he wants to try.

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  1. It’s good that they made the effort to help him enjoy the ride. I can remember my H doing it when we went and he had a real sense of achievement from having been able to drive a car round the little roads.

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