The Waterpiller!

Ethan loves water and playing with water is his favourite garden game, it’s what holds his attention in the garden for the longest time and its great to see the enjoyment he gets from it. 

When I was young I used to play with our sprinkler, it was the best way to cool off in the hot sun and the grass got watered at the same time, a bonus for my mum! I have wanted to buy a sprinkler for Ethan for a while now but have never get round to ordering one on-line so you can imagine my delight when we found this little guy in the M&S outlet reduced to half price.
Waterpiller Childrens Sprinkler
So this week we spent lots of time in the garden with our new friend, Ethan loves him and he even likes to bring him indoors with us. We also get a lovely ‘Bye Caterpillar’ when its time for the water fun to end. I took photos and even a video of Ethan having lots of fun!

6 thoughts on “The Waterpiller!”

  1. That’s the cutest water sprinkler I’ve seen, it’s lovely to see the obvious delight on Ethan’s face – he’s having so much fun! Thanks for sharing Ethans water adventures with Country Kids.

  2. sabrina montagnoli

    Lovely squeals of delight. We tried when we were in Jamaica on holiday at the beginning of the year and my wee man was a bit nervous at first but soon go the hang of it! Great fun.

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