The White Shoes – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

At the beginning of April I wrote about how Ethan’s understanding direction was improving. As my bump has been growing and I’m finding bending down harder I have been pushing Ethan’s understanding to it’s limit.

As everything is always on Ethan’s terms it is very hit and miss but I have been able to ask Ethan to pick up the phone for me and get his coat when he has dropped it on the floor. I do have to repeat my request multiple times but we get there in the end, sometimes!

We brought Ethan a new pair of shoes and these normally always replace his old ones, but last weekend because we were going to the woods we wanted Ethan to wear his old shoes.

Before we went to the woods Darren was fighting with helping me put on my trainers, yes I’m at that stage! As Ethan was getting distressed because he knew this meant we were getting ready to go out and it wasn’t happening quickly enough, we asked him to go and get his shoes.

His new shoes were in the front room and he went to pick up those. We said ‘not those shoes the white ones’, he looked at us like we were insane. His face went blank and he just stared at us. We knew that he didn’t understand but we said a few more times ‘go and get your white shoes’. Ethan walked out of the room and we thought that was the end of that.

A few moments later Ethan walked back into the front room holding his white shoes! We couldn’t believe it, we thought there was no way he knew what we were asking him to do. He proved us wrong yet again.

We are yet to test this again but for that very brief moment we were so proud of our little guy understanding what we had asked him to do.

8 thoughts on “The White Shoes – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. I find it is all the more magical when they do things that you really don’t expect. I am glad he is coming along so well you must be very proud.

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