Staying On The Yellow Trampoline! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I’m very nervous to be writing this post as I normally am when I write about all of Ethan’s achievements, but it’s one I would like to share. I’m just keeping everything crossed that Ethan doesn’t go back on this progress made.

Ethan has been going through his terrible twos, as all children do. Discovering who they are and what they can get away with! I won’t lie to you its been hard but I have to see it as a positive thing. Ethan is moving forward with his development.

At his weekly BounceAbility sessions Ethan was really starting to push his luck. He would spend his fifteenth minutes trying to get on the other trampolines and running all over the place. His instructor really earns his money in Ethan’s session. I’m sure Ethan was giving him a better workout than any personal trainer at a gym.

We would come out of there drained. I’m sure onlookers would be thinking what a naughty little boy, but we always like to see the positive and come out of there saying ‘Ethan said yellow today!’ Trying to push the ‘what a complete nightmare that was’ thoughts out of our minds.

Keeping everything crossed! For the past four weeks Ethan has calmed down a little in the sessions and has been staying on his yellow trampoline. We are also trying to avoid making eye contact with him as he looks at us wanting to show off.

This is a weird thing to be saying about a child with autism as you want to encourage eye contact, but we want him to be as focused on his instructor as possible.

He did try to break away three times yesterday but for the most part he did very well. I really hope Ethan keeps his focus as it really makes his time there better for all of us.

A very small step but one that we really hope keeps improving.

4 thoughts on “Staying On The Yellow Trampoline! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Caroline Elliott

    Aww sounds like a good step in the right direction and hopefully it will continue this upward trend for you! You always have such a positive attitude that is really inspiring Jane. Especially when things have been a bit tough or tricky, I love how you focus on the positives! xx #ssamazingachievements

  2. I am glad to hear that this is helping so much. I know what you mean about the eye contact, but you not looking is also a social skill that he will begin to learn too (hopefully) – does that make sense.

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