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Word Of The Week – Getaway

This week we were able to getaway for the May half term. I must admit with the new Covid-19 variant I was a little worried. But I gave myself a talking to. We went away to Disneyland Paris and Butlin’s last August and that was before any vaccines had been created. We would be following all of the Covid-19 protocols in place and it was time to get out into the world and make some new memories.


For our getaway, I booked us a lodge at Sandy Balls New Forest Holiday Village. We had originally booked a weekend at Center Parcs for the first Bank Holiday weekend in May. We decided to cancel this break when we discovered that the swimming pool would be closed there. Ethan loves Center Parcs for the swimming. We didn’t think it would be fair to take him there and tell him he can’t swim. So I took a look at Sandy Balls. A place I have looked at before and I knew was close to Paultons Park. They had one lodge available for the May half term so I snapped it up.

We had a lovely time at Sandy Balls. The children could use the swimming pool during the times I booked. We had some lovely meals out and we even walked alpacas. Ethan was still in his jumping and laughing mode which does make things harder. We coped and kept him as calm as we could.

Being so close to Paultons Park we had to visit to take Ethan to Peppa Pig World. At eleven he still loves Peppa Pig and we are happy to embrace it. We did have a few looks as Ethan got very excited at points but that is their ignorance, not ours. Little E also loves visiting there but I heard her tell her friends she is too old for Peppa Pig now. She loved every minute of it too!

We had some lovely weather and have made great memories this half term. It started with our seal watching trip last Saturday. It hasn’t ended yet as we have another surprise for the children this Sunday which includes a trip to Port Lympne.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Getaway”

  1. So glad that you’ve had a lovely trip away and that the children enjoyed being able to go swimming. My children love Peppa Pig World too and I love that Ethan was so excited about your visit and that Little E enjoyed it too even if she has decided she is too old for Peppa Pig. Hope you have a lovely time at Port Lympne today. #WotW

  2. How lovely to get away, I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Sandy Balls but the name did make me giggle. How immature of me….maybe I’m not too old for Peppa Pig 🙂 We used to go away at half term because of all our summer birthdays, but the past few years we’ve attempted summer holidays and the weather hasn’t been so good as it can be in May!

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