Shaun The Sheep – Summer Screen

At the beginning of July Colchester Castle Park put a big screen up to show the Wimbledon tennis matches. They also showed a selection of films over one of the weekends and they were showing Shaun The Sheep on the Sunday.

We purchased tickets and had a picnic in the park planned before the film started. Unfortunately the morning of the film the rain started and it looked like it was going to stay for the day. I was so disappointed and we ended up having our picnic in the front room.

Whilst we ate an amazing thing happened and the sun slowly decided to make an appearance. We decided we would take a chance and head over to the park, taking lots of black bags with us as we imagined we would be entering a mud pit.

We made it to the park just as the film started and to our surprise the ground wasn’t really that bad considering it had been raining all morning.


We settled down to watch the film but Little E had other ideas!


She was finding her feet and wanted to be on the move, so most of the time we took it in turns to walk with her. This was just before she discovered how to walk on her own and needed our support.


So we didn’t really get a chance to watch the film but I did capture this amazing moment between my two. Ethan held Little E’s hand and walked with her!


Darren did end up resorting to other tactics to keep Little E still.


We never really got to watch the film but we loved this idea and we hope they do it again next year so that we can go again.

8 thoughts on “Shaun The Sheep – Summer Screen”

  1. It looks like a lovely day and Little E looks very thrilled to be so high up 🙂 she’s going to love exploring isn’t she?

  2. It looks like your day really did get brighter, it would’ve been such a shame to miss out on an afternoon in the fresh air. It really does seem that Little E had other ideas when it came to watching the film but you all look happy in the photos exploring together. It’s lovely to see Ethan holding Little E’s hand. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  3. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Awww she looks cute! Love them together and Ethan is an amazing big brother holding her hand too! #countrykids

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