10+ Creative Makeover Ideas For Your Child's Bedroom

10+ Creative Makeover Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

As a child growing up, one of the things you will undoubtedly remember is what your bedroom was like all those years ago. It’s often memorable to kids because as a youngster you will have spent many an hour playing games or building things like Lego constructions in it. Or perhaps you may have had tea parties in there! For some kids, their bedrooms also served as impromptu dens for when they had friends over to visit. You are likely reading this page because you have a child at home and are thinking of giving their decor and furnishings a makeover. Of course, it makes sense to ask your offspring what they would like in their bedroom. The last thing you want to do is cause unhappiness by going for a particular theme when it’s something they hate! So, with all that in mind, take a look at these creative makeover ideas for some inspiration.

10+ Creative Makeover Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

1. Fairy Theme

If you’re planning to add a little magic and sparkle into your child’s bedroom, have you thought about creating a fairy-themed room? It’s a concept that is relatively easy to realise. You could even incorporate features from famous Disney movies like Peter Pan.

For such a theme, it makes sense to start off with white backgrounds. Use various colours like pink, purple, and light blue as accents.

2. Treehouse Theme

Does your child have a large bedroom? If so, and they enjoy spending most of their time outdoors exploring, one creative makeover idea is to create a treehouse theme for their room! You could have a mural depicting a woodland scene on one of the walls using wallpaper from Icon Wall Stickers, for example.

The bed could be in a treehouse suspended from the ceiling. Use colours such as blues, greens, and browns in the room.

3. Dolls House Theme

Imagine if your child could go to sleep in a bed within a large doll’s house? Many children are used to playing with dolls’ houses and furnishing them with wooden dolls house furniture by Le Toy Van, for example. But, what if your child could go to bed inside of a life-size replica of a doll’s house in their bedroom?

With a doll’s house theme, you’ve got plenty of scope for being as creative as you want. And with such a themed bedroom, your child is going to remember it as being part of their awesome childhood!

4. Video Game Theme

It doesn’t matter whether your son or daughter enjoys playing console games like Fortnite or retro ones such as Super Mario Bros. If they enjoy playing such games and have a particular favourite, why not create a bedroom look for them based on the theme of their favourite video game?

You could even have a wall mural spray-painted by skilled artists like Mr Murals. Of course, you may have to negotiate them having a TV and games console in their bedroom as well. After all; the last thing you want is for your child to have too much screen time, especially when they’re supposed to be in bed asleep at night!

5. Pirate Ship Theme

Here’s another opportunity for you to go wild with your creativity! One of the most popular styles for a kid’s bedroom is, without a doubt, the pirate ship theme! If your child’s bedroom is large enough, you could create a miniature pirate ship suspended from the ceiling that they could walk into.

You might even want to have a rope ladder leading up to the pirate ship. Your child can keep a lookout for land (or visitors to their bedroom)!

6. Chronicles of Narnia Theme

Another idea for a child that has a large bedroom is to divide it into two sections. You could create a partition wall so that their bed and a wooden wardrobe is in the main part. But, when they open up the wardrobe, they can walk through into the secret second section of their bedroom.

7. Spaceship Theme

Does your son or daughter enjoy anything to do with space and astronauts? If the answer is yes, use that as inspiration for their bedroom makeover with a spaceship theme. You could opt for something as simple as having a spaceship console in their bedroom. With a mural of outer space covering one of the walls.

8. Circus Theme

Arguably one of the easiest themed bedrooms to create, and ideal for parents on a tight budget is the circus-themed bedroom. You can use an array of colours, stripes, and patterns for the bedroom design. If you’re handy at DIY and woodworking, you could even craft a Ferris wheel which your child could use as a storage area for their toys.

The circus theme is brilliant for kids that love anything to do with the circus, be it fairground rides, magic shows, and more.

9. Racing Car Theme

A perfect bedroom makeover idea for both young boys and girls that love anything to do with cars is the racing car themed bedroom! Their bed could be a replica of a high-performance vehicle like a Ferrari. You could furnish the bedroom with things like petrol pumps and race track flags.

The carpet could also double-up as a racing track circuit. Ideal for kids that have lots of toy cars to play with within their bedroom.

10. Underwater Theme

If you’ve got a child that finds it fascinating to see and learn more about sea life and the mysteries hidden beneath the depths of our oceans, have you considered creating an underwater-themed bedroom?

You can make extensive use of underwater scene murals for the walls and ceiling, for example. Plus, their bed could even resemble that of a small sailing boat. You are only limited by your imagination (and budget) when it comes to crafting an underwater theme for your child’s bedroom!

11. Recording Studio Theme

It’s not something that parents often think about, but one interesting idea for a child’s bedroom makeover is to create a recording studio theme for it. In a nutshell, you could add a variety of musical instruments that your child likes to play. Even have a mixing desk for them to use.

A recording studio theme is a brilliant way of nurturing your child’s musical abilities. You may wish to soundproof the room, though, in case you’re also including a drum set or electric guitar in their bedroom!

12. Sticker Bomb/DIY Painting Theme

Last but not least, have you thought about giving your child a blank canvas to decorate their room how they see fit? One way of doing that is by painting all the walls and their furniture white. Next, you can let your child loose with several packs of stickers to place around their room how they see fit.

When it comes to painting, you can supervise them colouring in their furniture with paint. Of course, it makes sense to protect the carpet first in case of any accidents!

Considerations To Make Before You Do Anything With Your Makeover Ideas

It goes without saying that you’ll need to make sure that any additions you make to your child’s bedroom are child-friendly. For instance, you shouldn’t have blinds instead of curtains due to the risk of getting caught up in the chain. Plus, the overall design and furnishings shouldn’t be ones that give your youngster nightmares each time they go to bed!

When selecting things like wallpaper, paint colours, and furniture for the bedroom, it’s important to keep your child involved in the makeover ideas process as much as possible. That way, they will stay excited and happy about the changes you make to their bedroom. Remember that you should avoid thinking in terms of “boys” or “girls” themed bedrooms; some boys might want a pink-themed bedroom, and some girls may have a fascination with football.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even get them to help you with some tasks like painting. Although, you might find that is a decision you’ll regret when you’ve got splattered paint in places where there should be no paint!

Another consideration to make is buying furnishings or accessories that are unlikely to break on the ground if they get dropped. That probably means avoiding things made of glass, and instead opting for alternative constructions like wood, plastic, or rubber. And when you buy items for your child’s bedroom, ensure they are for use by their age group. Don’t buy furnishings or accessories that have really sharp edges, for example, or items your child can easily hurt themselves on.

Final Thoughts For Your Makeover Ideas

You can be as creative as your imagination and budget let you, so don’t be afraid to go a bit wild when it comes to bedroom design makeover ideas for your kids! Hopefully, you’ll have found some inspiration and brilliant ideas to help you get started. Good luck, and thanks for reading this blog post today!

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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