Siblings August 2015

It’s official we have been joining in with the siblings linky for a whole year. I thought it would be nice to see all of the photos together to see how much our siblings have changed over their first year together.

It’s amazing how much Ethan has changed over the past year, let alone Little E. It’s also funny how we always sit them in the same position to capture their photos.

I really wanted to be able to take more adventurous photos by now but I really don’t think that will be possible until Little E can understand direction more. At the moment she is too busy running around and being very strong-willed about where she wants to be!

I wanted to take our siblings photos yesterday bit when we tried Little E got very distressed. We also got distracted yesterday afternoon and we totally forgot about them. So this months photo was taken this morning.

Siblings_Aug20151 Siblings_Aug20152

We are well into the summer holidays now and still have a month to go until the return to school. Ethan was very stressed at first and there were lots of tears but we have settled a bit now. He has decided that he doesn’t like the iPad at the moment which means that he is in climbing mode! He is watching the TV more though and copying some of the phrases that he hears. At the moment we are very into Nick Junior too!

He has also started to copy Little E, crying when she does, wanting cuddles when she does etc. This also works the other way but normally Little E wants Ethan’s food.

Little E is wanting to walk a lot now and going out is hard work, having to make sure they are both safe. It really does take team work between me and Darren. As much as I don’t want Little E to grow up so quickly when she gets older and her understanding is better things will get easier. Then we can work on those adventurous siblings photos.

It has been nice not having to stick to a routine over the summer but we have had to make sure Ethan has had things to do. It has been nice this week as we visited Hastings and next week was are also away for a few days. I’m sure our children will keep us on our toes!

dear beautiful


  • lucy

    Awww, it’s so lovely to see a year’s worth of photos all together; as you say, it’s just mad how much they’ve both changed in that time. Such a pair of little cuties. I’m sure you’ll get those adventurous siblings photos at some point, but I really like the fact that your photos are similarly set up each month, it really shows their changes. x

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