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Celebrating Pancake Day at Kaspa’s

Growing up pancake day was always my favourite day. Everyone has their own pancake day traditions. Some people have pancakes for breakfast, others for dessert. In our house pancake day was the day our normal dinner meal was scrapped and that evening we would fill up on pancakes. We have Kaspa’s Desserts in town and it was a place we had never visited. So before lockdown in February 2020 we decided to celebrate pancake day at Kaspa’s.

Celebrating Pancake Day at Kaspas

Pancake Day at Kaspa’s

For me visiting Kaspa’s means getting the chance to enjoy pancakes and waffles. Kaspa does not only offer these you can also have milkshakes, smoothies and ice-cream sundaes. Little E loves milkshakes so I was excited for her to experience a milkshake at Kaspa’s.

smiling little e strawberry milkshake kaspas

We are always happy to have a hot chocolate with cream. They really are my guilty pleasure.

darren hot chocolate cream kaspas
hot chocolate cream kaspas

When it came to what sweet treats we were going to eat we all went for different options. We kept it simple for the children and thought crepes would be their best option. Little E loves strawberries so she tried the Strawberry Indulge Crepe.

strawberry indulge crepe kaspas

Ethan doesn’t really eat fruit but loves all things chocolate so we kept it simple for him by ordering him the Belgian Milk Chocolate Crepe.

ethan belgian milk chocolate crepe kaspas

Darren and I both opted for waffles. He chose the Strawberry Shortcake Waffle.

strawberry shortcake waffle kaspas

I couldn’t resist the Strawberry Butterscotch Waffle as butterscotch is my favourite sauce ever!

strawberry butterscotch waffle pancake day kaspas

All of the desserts were amazing and we all loved them. Darren was a little bit jealous of my butterscotch covered waffle. I was nice and did let him try some. It was so nice to celebrate Pancake Day at Kaspa’s. We were really glad we did treat ourselves before the country went into lockdown. Because of lockdown, we haven’t returned to Kaspa’s yet. We have already treated ourselves to pancakes out for this year’s pancake day with a trip to Bills for breakfast last Sunday. This means a returning trip to Kaspa’s is still on our bucket list. We will have to find something else to celebrate?

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