canopic jar being held by little e

Project 365 2022 Week 8 Day’s 50-56

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 8. A normal week for us to get back into our routine after the half-term holiday. This week also took a worrying turn as Russia invaded Ukraine.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 8

Day 50

broken wooden fence back garden

I was worried about the damage Storm Eunice would bring. This was one of the reasons we didn’t want to stay for the extra night offered to us at Center Parcs. There was damage to the fence, it is actually worse now. The trampoline was also on its side with damage to the poles around it. Thankfully it was still in our garden I was worried it was going to blow over the fence.

Day 51

four negative covid tests

Over the course of the morning, we got pinged by the NHS app saying we are close contacts of someone who tested positive. My niece also got pinged but my brother didn’t. We worked out this must have been from our visit to The Pancake House at Center Parcs. We took tests ready for the children’s return to school. Our tests were all negative.

Day 52

darren little e selfie greggs

Little E’s school was closed on Monday. Darren took her into town to visit The Body Shop. Her hands are still really dry from all of the sanitizing they do at school. I told her she could get some posh hand cream but Little E is aware of animal testing. The Body Shop was the only place I could think of where I knew they don’t use animal testing. They also stopped at Greggs for a treat.

Day 53

canopic jar being held by little e

Little E has been learning about Egypt at school and she loves it. I know this because she has told me about every lesson. She normally doesn’t talk about any of the things they work on at school. Or perhaps it’s because she hasn’t really had the chance to get as stuck in during the past two years. She made a Canopic Jar and was very excited to tell me what it was and what it was used for when she came home. I really hope we can take her to The British Museum to explore her love of Egypt with her.

Day 54

light frost skoda car badge 2022 Week 8

Another cold and frosty morning this morning. We actually walked to school but I took this picture of our car badge as I passed it

Day 55

smiling ethan holding umbrella 2022 Week 8

A rainy school run today with talk of what has been happening in Ukraine with my school run friend. Very sad news to wake up to.

Day 56

mini daffodil janes hand 2022 Week 8

Little E gave me a mini daffodil on the school run. I do tell her not to pick them but she wanted to make me happy. She is very aware of what is going on in the world which makes me very sad.

That was our 2022 Week 8 adventure. You can read about weeks 6 & 7 here.

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 8 Day’s 50-56”

  1. Oh no! That is rubbish about the damage that the storm caused.
    How lovely for E to get some posh hand cream, I hope it helps.
    When my girls learned about Egypt at school they loved it too. It’s such an interesting topic. x

  2. Lucky you didn’t have more trampoline damage. Years ago, ours flew away over the fence.
    N has the same issue with his hands too although his is more all the soap and water, and having wet hands all the time when out on the farm.

  3. Sorry to hear your fence was damaged, it actually sounds like the wind is picking up today. Fingers crossed for warmer milder weather soon. Glad you managed to avoid COVID. Yes it is very upsetting news at the moment. That was sweet of your daughter to want to cheer you up with the daffodil.

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