Children in Need Non-Uniform Day

On Friday Ethan’s school showed its support for Children in Need by inviting the children to take part in a non-uniform day. They were given the option of going into school as Superheros if they wished. As Ethan doesn’t really do fancy dress we opted for a Superman top instead.


I did wonder how going to school would work. Not only would this be out of routine for Ethan but I was also on my own getting him ready.

I talked to him all morning telling him he was going to school today but he was going to wear his superman top. We got dressed and ready without any problems and happily waited for the school bus.

It was colder on Friday so I decided to put Ethan in his winter coat, a coat that he hasn’t worn to school yet. When the school bus arrived I tried to put the coat on him, he refused to wear it. I decided not to make an issue of it to avoid any potential meltdown.

As we moved into the kitchen Ethan grabbed his school uniform and held his top up. It was as if he was trying to say I should be wearing this today. I kept him moving again telling him that he was wearing his superman top today. Thankfully this tactic kept the meltdowns at bay and I got him into the bus.

I did wonder how Ethan would handle his out of routine day but all reports came back positive. Ethan had a good day at school even though it was a very out of routine day for him.

7 thoughts on “Children in Need Non-Uniform Day”

  1. Catie: An imperfect mum

    Oh Jane we have this experience too. These ‘special’ days can be such a challenge. How super that he had a good day despite it being so different. Well done!

  2. Sir doesn’t like non uniform days either, if he’s going to school he’s wearing his uniform.. no uniform no school in his eyes! Obviously that’s not going to happen LOL! I send him in his uniform and send a change of clothes in his bag. This year he didn’t wear them. I still sent a donation though, in the spirit of the day. I’ve stopped worrying about it.. if he does it then he does it. If he doesn’t then he doesn’t 🙂 Well done Ethan for taking part though 😀

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Lots of children at his school do this. I think we would go down this route too if Ethan gets too distressed x

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