Where’s The Baby! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Being that Ethan is non-verbal I have always been very aware that it’s hard to communicate with him to let him know about future plans. There have been times when we have gone out for the day and I feel like Ethan is just plonked in the car and taken there. Of course we talk to him, but with the lack of him being able to talk back, we have no idea if he is aware of what is going on. This is one of the things about Ethan’s autism that saddens me the most, there is no way of building his excitement.

With the baby on the way, and a big change about to happen for all of us, I’m worried about how we can prepare Ethan even more.

Visually I know Ethan can see my belly is getting bigger, and quite early on in my pregnancy Ethan touched my tummy at swimming. I felt like he was telling me he knew I was changing.

We had to have another scan at 28 weeks as they wanted to check a few more things. We did talk about taking Ethan to this. Visually he would then be able to see something in my tummy but we decided Ethan’s fear of doctors would be too great, and it would cause him too much stress.    

So I have been asking Ethan ‘Where is the baby?’ and I have been holding his hand on my tummy. I have to make sure I have Ethan’s full attention when I ask him the question, but he was responding by touching his tummy. I would then move his hand on my tummy saying ‘Do you want to feel mummy’s baby?’. He would then smile and take his hand off quickly.

For the past few days if I ask this question Ethan will now put his hands on my tummy and give me the biggest smile.

I don’t think he has any idea what a baby is, so I have been trying to watch episodes of 16 and Pregnant to give him some idea. We know Ethan doesn’t like crying babies, or small babies. He is better around younger children when they can walk. 

It is going to be an interesting journey for us all!

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Baby! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Hello there, this is lovely, he sounds like such an amazing little boy. I hope you are feeling OK with the pregnancy, I really liked being pregnant! My little one doesn’t like screaming babies, the noise upsets him, but he is very gentle with them and tries to give them teddy bears. This is a lovely post, and exciting times ahead! x

  2. Caroline Elliott

    Aww this is very cute but it’s definitely interesting and difficult explaining the imminent arrival of a little one! Monkey has got really clingy the last few days and I am worrying its because everyone keeps asking him if he wants a baby brother or sister and I just don’t think he understands at all! Going to be interesting transitions all round but hopefully all will go well! xx #ssamazingachievements

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