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New Year Visit To The Sea

We have definitely made it a family tradition to go for a walk along the sea front on New Years day. Both Darren and Ethan love to visit the sea and it’s nice to blow the Christmas cobwebs away. This year we had an added bonus, Ethan was able to take his scooter.

A scooter was something that we never thought Ethan would be able to own but on Boxing day he surprised us. I will blog about that surprise later.

So on New Years day we took the scooter with us and there was no stopping Ethan.

New Years Day NewYearDay2 NewYearDay4 NewYearDay5NewYearDay9NewYearDay10NewYearDay11NewYearDay13NewYearDay14NewYearDay15NewYearDay17NewYearDay23NewYearDay24

We have to keep a very close eye on Ethan when he is on his scooter as he hasn’t got the best balance. We have to stop him from falling back all the time, we did buy him a helmet but he isn’t too happy about wearing it at the moment!

Of course the boys had to visit the sea but scooting on the sand didn’t really work that well!

NewYearDay6 NewYearDay7NewYearDay21

To finish our walk Ethan decided he wanted to walk along the wall. I’m not sure if this was the best thing to let him do as I’m sure he will expect this every time we visit!

NewYearDay18 NewYearDay19 NewYearDay22

It was great to get out of the house for a little while.

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