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Project 365 2021 Week 26 Day’s 177-183

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 26. This week there have been lots of events going on at Little E’s school. Meaning I have had lots of things to remember. Darren of course always helps as I couldn’t do it all on my own!

Project 365 – 2021 Week 26

Day 177

ethan holding rockhopper 7 swimming certificate

Ethan’s swimming club tonight and he came home with a new swimming certificate. Last week I saw the teacher taking notes and asking Ethan to do different things. I did wonder if they were working on their next certificates. He was so proud of himself when he came home.

Day 178

darren little e shovelling play bark

Darren put the play bark in the new trampoline area he made today. Little E loving everything gardens was right by Darren’s side helping him.

Day 179

animal crossing new horizons horse club adventures nintendo switch games

Preparing for Little E’s seventh birthday I ordered her two switch games. She has been asking about Animal Crossing. I’m assuming her friends must play it. It’s only this past month that Little E has really started to play on the Nintendo Switch. I’m hoping these two games will give her some handheld game options.

Day 180

disney princess wrapping paper

Darren went to The Range after the school run this morning to pick up some new iPhone cables. He also did some shopping for Little E’s birthday too. Picking up cards, wrapping paper, balloons and other party bits and pieces.

Day 181

ethan relaxing sofa 2021 Week 26

Darren came home early from work today. He was able to do Little E’s ballet run today. Ethan took full advantage of not having to go and spent the time relaxing on the sofa.

Day 182

little e wearing nature crown 2021 Week 26

Little E went on a school trip today to a garden. She had a great day learning about different plants. Apparently, there was a toilet where you had to use mud. She came home with a nature crown that she loved and is still on our kitchen table.

Day 183

ethan little e sunny day school run 2021 Week 26

A sunny school run. Ethan had a rainbow day at school so we picked his colourful Hogwarts top to wear. Little E had a sponsored fun run so another day of wearing her PE kit to school.

That was our 2021 Week 26 adventure. You can read about our week 25 here.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 26 Day’s 177-183”

  1. It’s wonderful she loves gardening so much. Are you growing herbs/fruits with her? I grow edible flowers from seeds bought from B&Q and they turned up lovely. Marigolds are great to use in salads as petals and borage and pansies are good for desserts (or cocktails, but that’s not child-friendly 🙂 ). She might like trying something like this too.

  2. Sounds like it was a good week with swimming achievement and a school trip. We’ve just got The Range in town, and I went the other week. It’s sprawling (took over the Matalan space), and I could spend ages in there.

  3. Not sure I fancy a mud toilet! Congrats on the certificate. I tried Animal Crossing on the DS but never got on with it, wonder if it is better on the Switch as I know it is a popular game. #project365

  4. I find the end of term so draining with everything you need to remember. And we still have five days left as I write this and I just know I will forget something. The nature crown looks great and well done Ethan on the swimming certificate.

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