Over and over again I have been told that autistic children thrive on routine and I know that when Ethan was a baby he set his own feeding routine and we happily followed it but I have always thought we are more organised chaos than strict routine. I also feel Ethan is quite happy to take things in his stride as he has always managed well in all of the new situations we have put him in.

It’s the little things that happen that make me realise yes Ethan does follow a routine, not a strict routine but he likes things done in a certain way.

I was made aware of one of Ethan’s routines today when when were getting dressed after swimming. It was time to put our shoes on and I never realised, before today, that I always put Ethan’s right shoe on first and tie the bow. Well in the changing room I put on his right shoe, didn’t tie it up, then his left and started to tie the bow. Ethan made a noise to protest that he didn’t want me to tie the bow and then gave me his right foot as if to say “No this one first”.

It made me smile, Ethan is definitely a creature of habit! 

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