Little E – 6 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are six months old. Half a year old, time is flying too quickly!


It has been a very busy month. We visited Lapland UK and you did amazingly well, being out all day. You did miss having your photo taken with Father Christmas as you fell asleep but we took you to Colchester Zoo to visit him so you didn’t miss out.

You also went swimming for the first time and was so relaxed that you fell asleep in the swimming pool!

You experienced your first Christmas and hopefully next year Ethan will let you open your own presents.


You were a very lucky girl and got lots of new toys to play with. You are having fun discovering them all, when Ethan let’s you!


Ethan is still the only person you will laugh for no matter how hard we try.


You are enjoying your food and we have nearly completed the first tastes weaning. You love breakfast and are having three meals a day. We are meant to be reducing your milk a little now that you are having so much food but you are not happy about that. We will worry about that in a few weeks when we can introduce even more new tastes to you.

We have been getting out and about quite a bit, your snowsuit is getting used quite a lot.


You still sleep in your Moses basket in our room and have naps in the front room during the day. This month we will be putting you in more of a routine so you take naps in your cot and I’m sad to say will be leaving our bedroom.


You have lots of lovely new clothes to grow into this month, you really have been spoilt by everyone. I couldn’t wait to put you in your Minnie Mouse coat the other day!


Looking forward to next months adventures.

14 thoughts on “Little E – 6 Months Old”

  1. Gosh, how time has flown. Six months already?
    I love the first picture of your little E, it was lovely to read about her and it sounds like she adores Ethan 🙂
    Looking forward to reading month 7, good luck with her move out of your room.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. Oh this is a wonderful post to capture the last six months. I can’t believe it’s six months already- I remember reading about Es birth on there very pages!! I love the fact victories fell asleep in the swimming pool, it’s something I remember with mine and getting out & dressed was a horror. Oh and the heartache of them leaving my room to go into the nursery. You know it’s the right thing but selfishly you just want to keep them with you too!! What a lovely post, full of feeling & prompting nostalgia. Xx xx

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