The Return To School

This week Ethan returned to school after a six-week summer holiday break. Thankfully he wasn’t returning to a big change at school. He is in the same class and with the same teacher and TA’s for this school year. They have split his class into two smaller groups with the aim that this will help their learning. This didn’t mean that we didn’t have any anxiety issues, you can easily see from the ‘back to school’ photo that I took of Ethan he wasn’t settled. There was no beaming smile for my little boy that morning.


My biggest concern was the school transport. All we knew was that this year Ethan was going to be on a minibus with four other students. It’s hard to prepare someone who likes their routine when you have no clue what the plan actually is. Thankfully Ethan took his transport and his traveling buddies all in his stride. I was concerned as there was a tearful new starter and Ethan doesn’t react well to crying children but he was fine.

I’m sure Ethan is happy being back in his school routine, you could tell by the end of the summer holidays he was keen to learn new things. His little mind is working out times of the day, he is asking us when is it morning time and night-time. That first day after school I did get a big cuddle, and it was a real cuddle which is very rare in Ethan’s world.

There has been a nice change for the parents for this school year. We have been given an app where the teachers can share photos and let us know about what the class have been up to. When your child is pre-verbal and can’t tell you about your day it has been a lovely addition to the normal daily diary’s.

After Ethan’s last school year ended with a glowing report I’m looking forward to what this school year will bring for him.

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