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Word Of The Week – Change

After the uncertainty of last week, this week is all about getting used to the change this brings with it. Now that we are back in lockdown the closing of the schools means we are back to homeschooling.


Thankfully Little E’s school hasn’t been demanding the use of zoom or goggle meets. They send her three activities a day to complete with our help. Darren was at home on Monday and Tuesday so he was the teacher. I was very proud of them. Last time Darren easily gave up when things got too complicated. I also think Little E being older now makes things a little easier. With Darren at work the rest of the week I’m having to change my work routine to fit in the school work. On Wednesday morning we started Little E’s schoolwork at 8.30 am. She did complain about this start time! With my work deadlines on Thursday, school work didn’t happen but hopefully, we will be able to catch up today.

The one change I would like Little E’s school to make is to include a social zoom call. She misses her friends and I tried to organise zoom calls in the last lockdown. This time we are all doing more jugging and I don’t have contacts for all of the parents. I think seeing their friends would be a good thing for the children’s mental health.

Ethan is struggling with the change. He is coping OK but he is being very vocal. He does keep asking when is it a school day? If we are having a home day? He keeps telling me his teacher told him they would go back to school on the 5th. I’m avoiding giving him any school return dates. No one knows when the schools are going back. He gets very upset when I don’t give him a time frame. Thankfully I have been able to avoid any major meltdowns this week. There have been a few mini ones that I have been able to cope with.

This time Ethan has also been doing his schoolwork at home. Last time Little E’s schoolwork was so overwhelming that Ethan’s school didn’t get a look in. With things getting too much we made a switch to life skills for them both. This is when both children learned to ride their bikes without the help of stabilisers. Ethan has been able to complete two activity sheets and two tasks on an online maths programme Mathletics. Ethan was given a Star of the Week last week for all of his hard work.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Change”

  1. It sounds like the home schooling is going well.
    That is great that Little E’s school isn’t being demanding and Darren is doing well at being a teacher.
    It must be very confusing for Ethan especially when the teacher had said he would be back on the 5th but it sounds like he is doing great. Well done on the star of the week x

  2. Having Zoom meet-ups for social contact is a good idea. Sophie has online registration each morning and storytime once a week via Zoom and it’s good for her to be able to see her classmates online for a short time. I’m glad they’re the only fixed things though – it is easier to be able to juggle it with set activities that you can move about. The way that Little E’s school are doing it sounds good for helping parents juggle things but yes a social Zoom call would be good. That uncertainty and the change must be so hard for Ethan. Well done to him on getting a Star of the Week. Focusing on life skils is a good idea too. #WotW

  3. It must be difficult to juggle it all. Apart from being on hand if my teens need help with tech, and generally cheering them on, I can get on with my work. I don’t know how parents with younger children manage. It must be difficult to manage their expectations when you don’t have the answers to give them. Well done Ethan with his Star of the week. I remember Mathletics been very popular with my children. #wotw

  4. Well done Ethan for getting Star of the Week. It is difficult for our kids, though Sir has coped better than I thought he would. They’d both prefer to be at school.

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