boats brightlingsea harbour

Project 365 2021 Week 2 Day’s 9-15

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 2. It’s our second week of juggling work and homeschooling. I’m exhausted and looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 2

Day 9

little e ethan feeding ducks january 2021

Darren works every other Saturday. This was his Saturday off. To give me some time by myself he took the children for a walk to feed the ducks. He was out with them for an hour. I felt a little lost by the time the hour was up but I used my time to do my Ring Fit Adventure exercise.

Day 10

boats brightlingsea harbour

Ethan was desperate to see the sea. When I say desperate he was asking to see the sea every few seconds. If I didn’t answer when we were going a full-blown meltdown was imminent. With all the news about what is local exercise I felt like driving to Clacton-on-Sea might be seen as too far. In the last lockdown, people with disabilities were exempt if driving to a favourite place was good for their health. Or words to that effect. With distance in mind, we felt Brightlingsea was a closer place for Ethan to see the sea. Thankfully the trip satisfied his need.

Day 11

swan boating lake colchester castle park

Another non-work day for Darren. He took the children for another walk this time they saw the swans in the boating lake.

Day 12

complete harry potter clementoni panorama puzzle

I was able to complete my Harry Potter puzzle today. The dark sections were quite tricky. I needed to complete it in natural light as I couldn’t clearly see the pieces in the artificial light.

Day 13

chris whitty birthday card moonpig 2021 Week 2

My brother celebrated his birthday this week. I found this card on Moonpig for him. It did make me giggle. Who would have thought this time last year I would have known who Chris Whitty is let alone pick a birthday card with his image on it.

Day 14

ring fit adventure results 14th january 2021 Week 2

With juggling work and homeschooling I have been struggling to fit in my Ring Fit Adventure time. This morning I tried a new routine fitting in my game time at 8 am.

Day 15

tangled 10th anniversary walt disney world puzzle 2021 Week 2

With all the Covid 19 news I find it hard to settle so I started a new puzzle this week. I have been looking for a Tangled puzzle and I spotted this one on Shop Disney. It was sold out in a day but I think they got some more stock.

That was our 2021 Week 2 adventure. You can read about our week 1 here.

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 2 Day’s 9-15”

  1. It’s good you got some time by yourself and it looks like the kids had fun feeding the ducks.
    I am glad Ethan got to see the sea.
    Your finished puzzle looks amazing and the birthday card did make me chuckle. x

  2. The puzzles are getting snapped up so quickly at the moment aren’t they. It’s good the children have been able to get out for walks, and good on you for getting your exercise in. I need to do some myself.

  3. I am soooo jealous of your puzzles! I love doing them but with 3 kids and a dog we don’t have much space 🙁 We live near a river and pond so often spend time feeding the ducks and swans. The card made me giggle #project365

  4. Nice to have a bit of time for yourself and the children look like they were enjoying feeding the ducks. Glad that Ethan was able to see the sea. I love the jigsaw puzzles – it is tricky trying to do them under artificial light. We have colour changing bulbs so usually switch them to daylight when doing puzzles. The Chris Whitty card made me smile – hope your brother liked it. #project365

  5. I need to get some more jigsaws and start again, find them so relaxing. The Harry Potter puzzle does look a bit complicated!

    It is nice to get out for a walk….took my girls to feed the swans too this week.

  6. My two love feeding the ducks its not something we have done for ages. Love the puzzles I am super impressed I don’t have the patience but I know what you mean about feeling restless I have been sewing when it has got really bad. Hopefully, the new routine will help with getting the exercise in.

  7. Lovely that you were able to have a little bit of time for yourself. And great that you could show the sea to Ethan. My older one keeps showing me pictures of Cornwall every day (he’s non verbal), and every time I tell him, we will go in summer (of course, we don’t know if we could go, but it’s too complicated to explain to him).
    The puzzles look good! I find them quite therapeutic.

  8. You did well with the puzzle, the clothes are look very samey I would have struggled! Lovely photo of the swan. Glad Ethan was happy with his trip out. Hope your brother had a fab birthday. You are good fitting in a workout so early in the morning.

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