Calling Doggy – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

When the word autism entered our world and I started searching the Internet looking for information I stumbled across something called a CHAT Test. This is a checklist for autism in toddlers which should take place at an 18 month developmental check-up. It aims to identify children who are at risk for social-communication disorders. Ethan never had this test, I filled it in a took it to the doctors with me when I went to ask for a referral for him but that’s a whole different post!

I remember the CHAT test asking if your child ever put an object up to their ear to pretend to make a phone call, therefore demonstrating imaginative play. Ethan had never done this and I actually blogged about Ethan’s lack of imaginative play when I was having a down moment. 

Since having our iPad Ethan has become quite attached to the Fisher Price dog that is used in the Fisher Price apps we have downloaded. He will have this app running whilst he is ‘playing’ with something else, it’s as if he shows the dog what he is doing and wants him to join in. He even took this dog for a ride on his truck this morning. I do believe Ethan sees him as a little friend and and at times you will even find him with his face pressed against the ipad as if cuddling the dog. It is really quite sweet and I must try to capture this on video so that we remember it. 

On Thursday the iPad’s battery had died so Darren’s phone was quickly called into action to avoid a meltdown, thankfully we have the same apps on both devices for emergencies like this one. As I sat on the sofa with Ethan, me catching up on my blog reading, Ethan dancing with his friend, the phone was suddenly pushed up to my ear. I was deafened by the sound of The Animal Fair song but Ethan was looking at me and smiling. I realised what Ethan was doing so I said ‘Hello Doggy’ after which Ethan took the phone away from my ear. I asked Ethan if he had wanted me to talk to his friend and again a laughing smiling Ethan pushed the phone up to my ear, I said Hello to the doggy again. I then said ‘Ethan do it’ and to my amazement Ethan put the phone to his ear, not once but twice. 

This moment happened very quickly but it shows me that even if Ethan’s play doesn’t come naturally he is observing his world around him and slowly but surely learning. A very small step, but one amazing achievement.

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    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      They come in bursts but we have been told to expect this. Lots of learning and then nothing for months. That’s why I like to capture them here for when we have low days or times when it feel like he forgets things.

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