lamaze cat keeping little e company

Project 365 2021 Week 9 Day’s 58-64

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 9. This week was the last week of officially homeschooling. We didn’t manage to do any as I had a week full of training for work. Little E returning to school on Monday will feel like such a relief as I really feel like I have let her down on the homeschooling front. I just hope she doesn’t find it too overwhelming as we are having tears already.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 9

Day 58

rapunzels tangled castle disney castle collection puzzle

I really struggled today. Feeling overwhelmed by everything and trapped inside. Darren was at work and I turned to a new puzzle whilst the kids watched Disney+. This puzzle is from the Disney Princess Castles collection. It’s the only one I have been able to buy before they go out of stock.

Day 59

little e scooter bike hills brightlingsea

Another walk at Brightlingsea today. It made me feel so much better getting out of the house. Little E found the man-made bike hills and raced her scooter up and down them. Ethan wasn’t that keen.

Day 60

smiling little e scooter

A day full of video meetings for me today. Darren was off of work so he took Little E out for a walk whilst Ethan was at school.

Day 61

lamaze cat keeping little e company

I finally got the chance to sort out Little E’s bedroom the other week. Making space on her shelf for some of her soft toys. She spotted her Lamaze cat baby toy again. So he kept her company today.

Day 62

neo ragdoll cat watching laptop 2021 Week 9

I had a friend helping me with my work today. He normally comes down in the evening when the kids have gone to bed. Not today, Neo wanted my company.

Day 63

inside car rain covered windscreen 2021 Week 9

Ethan has been given a place at a new after-school club. This meant we got out of the house today as we have to collect him. I would have had to drive, I haven’t driven much over the past year. Darren finished work early and he did the driving today. It started to rain as we waited in the car.

Day 64

ethan playstation onesie world book day 2021 Week 9

Ethan’s school celebrated world book day today. They decided to have a bedtime story theme asking the children to come into school in their PJs. Ethan has never joined in with one of PJ wearing days before but he did this year. We put him in the onesie we got for after swimming lessons which he hasn’t really worn yet. He kept it on all day which I’m amazed at.

That was our 2021 Week 9 adventure. You can read about our week 8 here.

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 9 Day’s 58-64”

  1. Good luck with the return to school. Poor Little E. I do hop it goes OK.
    What a fab puzzle and the hills at Brightlingsea look like a lot of fun for your girl on her scooter.
    It looks like Ethan is very happy with his onesie. x

  2. I hope Little E’s return to school has gone well. It’s so hard trying to juggle everything, no wonder you’ve felt overwhelmed. We have the Lamaze cat too. It’s funny how the baby toys sometimes become interesting again when they spot them after a while. Sophie’s the same. Hope Ethan enjoyed his PJ day for World Book Day. #project365

  3. We didn’t get through all the school work either. Hope the return went well this week and lives easier. I have found it so difficult having them at home while working so don’t be hard on yourself. The puzzle looks great. Mine had Lamaze toys too. Bring back so many happy memories.

  4. So lovely to see Ethan joining in with World Book Day and keeping his onsie on for the duration. Love the scooter/bike ramps that have been made, they look a lot of fun

  5. Video meetings are so much more exhausting than face to face ones! I need to have a clear out of the kids’ toys as we have so many but as soon as I pick things to go they suddenly become the favourite toy ever… #project365

  6. Cool onesie, Ethan! Great for any gamer. Hope the school week went well for you all.
    Beautiful puzzle, love the subtle colours. Lovely that Little E enjoyed her scooter. My guys had Lamaze toys as well, but I don’t think we’ve kept any. I have kept some teddies from their baby days.

  7. Hope your feeling better now, I bet concentrating on that fab jigsaw helped, I feel I am cooped up indoors too much too. Neo is gorgeous! Nice to have some feline company. Well done Ethan getting involved in World Book Day, what a cool onesie too.

  8. Pj wearing day sounds so much fun.. we never have these in our schools here..
    racing down the hills with the scooter looks so exciting and daring hehe.. the puzzle looks amazing!!

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