ethan little e wearing disney cruise line baseball caps

Project 365 2022 Week 22, 23 & 24 Days 148-168

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 22, 23 and 24. We have had a busy few weeks which at times have felt quite intense. We had to work through the May half-term but did get to experience a PGL family holiday over the bank holiday weekend. It was lots of fun and just what I needed. We also changed our summer holiday plans over the last week. Opting for a holiday that doesn’t need an airport. I’m really looking forward to having some downtime with the children. The last break I had from work with them was our stay at Woburn Forest Center Parcs in the February half-term.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 22, 23 & 24

Day 148 – Week 22

ethan holding platinum jubilee swimming medal 2022 Week 22

Ethan’s swimming club held special activities for the Platinum Jubilee. Everyone taking part was awarded a medal. Ethan was very proud of himself.

Day 149

planted green bean 2022 Week 22

Ethan brought home a green been. I think they were learning about the roots as it was in a clear bag. Nanny planted it in one of her pots today.

Day 150

competition details this morning 2022 Week 22

I sent this photo to Darren today. I wanted him to enter the competition.

Day 151

ballet tap shoes in bag 2022 Week 22

There were extra dance lessons in the half-term to prepare for the show.

Day 152

ethans green plant 2022 Week 22

I have no idea what this plant is that Ethan brought home. It is growing really well though.

Day 153

salted caramel frappé costa 2022 Week 22

Sunny weather calls for a salted caramel frappé from Costa.

Day 154

ethan little e sitting pgl deck chairs 2022 Week 22

We made our way to PGL Windmill Hill today for our two-night PGL Family Holiday. We were invited to experience all they have to offer.

Day 155 – Week 23

ethan little e wearing canoeing gear pgl family holiday

We had a busy day full of amazing activities. I took this photo before we went canoeing which we all loved.

Day 156

darren climbing pgl family holiday

There were two more activities to take part in before we left PGL Windmill Hill. Darren showed us how it was done on the climbing wall.

Day 157

cup tea monday

Ethan was back at school today the rest of us were at home. Well, I’m always at home working. We needed this slower day after our action-packed weekend.

Day 158

rose chafer green iridescent bug

I spotted this bug on the school run. It was a beautiful colour. I now know it’s a Rose Chafer.

Day 159

platinum jubilee crochet postbox topper

I spotted this Platinum Jubilee crochet postbox topper today. The detail is amazing. It must have taken someone a long time to complete.

Day 160

little e selfie theatre

A busy evening today after school. Dance rehearsals at the theatre tonight in preparation for the show on Sunday.

Day 161

silver corsa hire car

Our car was in the garage so this was my car for the week. I haven’t driven a smaller car for a few years now. It took some getting used to.

Day 162 – Week 24

ethan little e sitting mcdonalds table

A McDonald’s lunch date with the children today.

Day 163

simply diva dance programme

It’s show day! A long day for us all but especially for Little E. She was at the theatre from 9.30 am. She was amazing in the show and so glad she took part.

Day 164

dentist waiting room

A visit to the dentist for me and Darren today. We had a new NHS dentist today and I have been told off about my brushing again. Apparently being lefthanded is a disadvantage!

Day 165

morning sunrise back garden project 365 2022

The start of a sunny and very hot week.

Day 166

red hot pokers

Red Hot Pokers we spotted on the school run.

Day 167

ethan little e wearing disney cruise line baseball caps

Matching Disney Crusie Line hats all ready to keep the sun at bay.

Day 168

two ducks open front door

I had two visitors at the front door today. I honestly think they would have come in if I had let them.

That was our 2022 Week 22, 23 and 24 adventures. You can read about week 21 here.

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