Football #CountryKids

When Ethan was two, before we entered the world of autism, I signed Ethan up for some toddler football classes. It didn’t go well! He thought the hall it was held in was fantastic and would run all over the place at the wrong times. He also didn’t understand the concept of kicking the ball and would spend the whole time running over to them and picking them up.

Recently Ethan has been playing football with his grandad and I have seen comments in his nursery ‘to and fro’ book mentioning that Ethan has been kicking a ball. I have yet witnessed his new football skills, but last Sunday I was able to see them for myself.
He really did keep his grandad on his toes!

11 thoughts on “Football #CountryKids”

  1. Well done Ethan and Grandad, this so reminds me of my Dad playing with my eldest at the same age, it is lovely to see them come together like this over a simple kick around with a ball. Lovely photos, I wish I had the same, only photos in my memory now. thank you for reminding me and sharing on Country Kids

  2. Great pictures, they both look like they were really enjoying themselves.
    Football is something that’s a tad popular in our house (!) but it’s great for co-ordination and fun.
    Hope E and his Grandad get more footie time before the weather turns πŸ™‚ #SSAmazingAchievements

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