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Project 365 2021 Week 44 Day’s 303-309

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 44. This was the week that we officially had covid in the house. Ethan had confirmation that he was covid positive from his PCR test results. These arrived on Sunday and I also had a lovely chat with test and trace that evening. I had to tell them everywhere we had gone that week. This took a bit of time! Ethan had to isolate until this Sunday. Thankfully our school run friend could take Little E into school for me so she didn’t miss any school days.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 44

Day 303

faint positive lateral flow test three negative tests

We have been testing ourselves with lateral flow tests every day this week. On Sunday Ethan’s had a very faint red line. The next day it was a stronger line again. He started to test negative with the laterals on Tuesday. At the moment we are all still testing negative.

Day 304

little e holding cat carved pumpkin

Darren carved the children’s pumpkins today. Little E designed a cat face on hers. We don’t encourage trick or treating as we think it will give Ethan the wrong message. I feel sorry that we don’t take Little E. I’m hoping one year we will be able to take her to a Disney Halloween party again. We thankfully didn’t have any knocks at the door either. I had sweets ready but I didn’t really want to open the door we had a covid positive person in the house.

Day 305

vampire crumpets marks and spencers

I totally forgot about the vampire crumpets I had in the freezer yesterday. We had them for lunch today.

Day 306

ethan swollen left cheek

Ethan woke up with a swollen left cheek today. Thankfully after a call to 111 and a video call with our GP, we were able to get some antibiotics for him. After a trip to A&E on Friday, we now have a dentist appointment booked for Monday. Hopefully, they will be able to see what the reason was for his swollen cheek.

Day 307

ethan little e setting up ipad 2021 Week 44

Ethan can’t be feeling right and he’s staying in the front room with us. He normally plays with the Nintendo and iPad in our bedroom during the day. Little E is syncing their iPads so they can play cat simulator together.

Day 308

ethan smiling under covers 2021 Week 44

I took over the operation to get Ethan to sleep tonight. Darren is always the person that deals with Ethan at night. Darren was very tired tonight so I climbed into the spare bed. Ethan is meant to stay in his bed but he topped and tailed with me. We didn’t tell Darren!

Day 309

little e wearing pink onesie blush bear ears children in need 2021 Week 44

Little E’s school took part in the Big Sing-Along for Children in Need today. They had to go to school in pyjamas and take in a teddy. They were filmed and it was shown on the local news. I’m so glad she was able to take part. I really thought covid might take this opportunity away from her.

That was our 2021 Week 44 adventure. You can read about our week 43 here.

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