ethan cuddles little e 14 months old

Our Siblings In 2015 – The First Full Year Together

As we enter into 2016 and another year of the sibling’s project. I thought it would be nice to put all of our photos of our siblings in 2015 into one post. Little E has changed so much over this past year and I love that taking part in the sibling’s project has captured that.

This Is Our Siblings In 2015


After Christmas January brought a few moments of our siblings playing together with Little E’s toys. They also started watching In The Night Garden together. This was something Ethan had grown out of but he was able to embrace it again with his sister. Little E really started to enjoy it too.

ethan cuddling little e 7 months old


In February Little E got better at sitting up. This changed quite a few things. Little E was able to join us at the table for mealtimes. For the first time in ages, we were having family meals again. Little E also moved into her own room. Some big changes to the routines we had got used to.

ethan little e 7 months old


In March we went on our first family holiday as a four. We visited Center Parcs for the very first time. We loved it there. This month Ethan suddenly became more vocal. Trying to vocalise so much more and trying to copy more words that we say. He discovered how to say his K’s and got two new words book and duck.

ethan head cuddles little e 8 months old


This April Ethan officially started school. This meant we had to say goodbye to his nursery and his normal daily routine. It was a challenge at first. It also meant I started to get some alone time with Little E. We started a Sing and Sign course and first mother and baby swimming lessons.

ethan little e 9 months old


In May we were settling into Ethan’s new school routine. We also celebrated his fifth birthday. We treated him to a family weekend at Legoland. It was hard work taking a baby but also lots of fun.

ethan little e 10 months old


In June Little E learned how to pull herself up into standing. We also took them to see In The Night Garden Live at the 02.

ethan little e 11 months old


In July Little E celebrated her first birthday and also learned how to walk. Because of a mini heatwave, we were able to capture some amazing sibling interaction between both of them. I was able to take Ethan to an Autism Friendly Screening of The Minions. And on the hottest day of the year, we were able to take Little E for her first paddle in the sea.

ethan grumpy little e one year old


In August we experienced Ethan’s first school summer holidays. It took Ethan a while to feel settled at there were lots of tears. He started to watch the TV more though and began copying some of the phrases. He has also started copying Little E, crying and wanting cuddles at the same time as her. Little E was also starting to walk more. Going out with them both on my own was hard trying to make sure they were both safe.

ethan laying sofa little e 13 months old


In September our siblings started to play games together in the evenings. By 5 pm both children can be found running around the front room, chasing each other, and screaming. Leading to uncontrollable giggles.

ethan cuddles little e 14 months old Siblings In 2015


In October Little E was really showing an interest in Ethan’s iPad. She started to try snatching it off of him. In return, Ethan was also showing an interest in Little E’s toys.

ethan little e 15 months old Siblings In 2015


In November Little E learned how to climb up onto the sofa. This meant she was able to invade his space when she wanted to. Not just on his terms. This lead to some iPad battles and some great moments of tenderness.

ethan little e 16 months old Siblings In 2015


In December we started to count down to Christmas. Ethan is starting to get more aware of what happens at Christmas. It was nice that we could enjoy this time with his sister. We returned to Lapland UK for the second time. Compared to last year, this year was a very different experience taking a very active toddler.

ethan little e decorating gingerbread lapland uk superstar day Siblings In 2015

Our siblings in 2015 had some lovely times together. I really hope that this year we might be able to get a bit more adventurous with our photos. With the amount of support Ethan needs and one very energetic toddler in tow, this might be a bit tricky.

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